Description: UE (United Exchange) is established to assist emerging economies and critical economic stakeholders concerning global trade, in the development of more sophisticated EOA (Ease-of-Access) opportunities to global trade & exchange mechanisms.   UE functions to be the catalyst and global thought leader for improved protocol and best practices regarding economic interdependence within developing | sustaining global ecosystems.

Vision: Unify Existence | Zero Barriers towards exchange of ecosystems regarding future independence and sustainability of developing economies.

Mission: Unify The World through continually defining and enabling the future of trade and cultural exchange initiatives.   Develop research and best practices for trade and promote a healthy clean and safe world for future generations.

UTC Mission Objectives: Convene thought leaders establish governance compliance, education/mentorship and protocol to lower the barriers to global trade enabling more ecosystems to be self sustainable.

UE Mission Objectives: Enable Passion by assisting emerging economies by providing needed tools and resources to self-sustain including:

Management Consulting

Marketing | Media | Global Advertising

Finance | Investments

Technology | Communications

Innovation Protocol (IP) | FEP & FDN (Future Economic Problems | Future Development Needs


About UTC: The UTC (United Trade Council) formally the Reginald Gibson Memorial Foundation was assembled to identify and resolve Code Red issues threatening existence.

About Management:

Executive Director | Rhonda Gibson (SAHJ):  Sahj is an international diplomat | global influencer, and acclaimed artist guided by inclusive background of peace advocacy.