Description: UE (United Exchange) is established to assist emerging economies and critical economic stakeholders concerning global trade, in the development of more sophisticated EOA (Ease-of-Access) opportunities to global trade & exchange mechanisms.   UE functions to be the catalyst and global thought leader for improved protocol and best practices regarding economic interdependence within developing | sustaining global ecosystems.

United Trade Council is focused on developing sustainable ecosystems through providing support to social enterprises that contribute to modern workforce and trade employment.  We do this through expert programming and acceleration, as well as philanthropic venture development funds.  Some of our main interests are below:


Real Estate & Housing | Management | Maintenance

Workforce & Trade | Alternative Staffing

Entrepreneurship & Innovation | Accelerators

Workforce Training | Trade Education

Women, Minority, Youth Development

Hemp Industries & Agriculture

Creative Finance | Venture Funds | Grants


Vision: Unify Existence | Zero Barriers towards exchange of ecosystems regarding future independence and sustainability of developing economies.

Mission: Unify The World through continually defining and enabling the future of trade and cultural exchange initiatives.   Develop research and best practices for trade and promote a healthy clean and safe world for future generations.

UTC Mission Objectives: Convene thought leaders establish governance compliance, education/mentorship and protocol to lower the barriers to global trade enabling more ecosystems to be self sustainable.

UE Mission Objectives: Enable Passion by assisting emerging economies by providing needed tools and resources to self-sustain including:

Management Consulting

Marketing | Media | Global Advertising

Finance | Investments

Technology | Communications

Innovation Protocol (IP) | FEP & FDN (Future Economic Problems | Future Development Needs




Download our 2020 prospectus briefing here.  Learn more about how you can get involved and impact lives.

Official United Trade Council  | UE 2020 Briefing


About UTC: The UTC (United Trade Council) formally the Reginald Gibson Memorial Foundation was assembled to identify and resolve Code Red issues threatening existence.

About Management:

Executive Director | Rhonda Gibson (SAHJ):  Sahj is an international diplomat | global influencer, and acclaimed artist guided by inclusive background of peace advocacy.  

Download Our Advisory Board Invitation Here

UTC Official Advisory Board Invitation Letter