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    Operation Haiti: A Emerging Economy Project

    Dear friends and family,
    I want to share with you a mission opportunity my wife and I have been challenged with, in hopes you
    may be able to assist. During July 20 – July 27, my Wife and I will be traveling to the Northwest Region of
    Haiti, my wife’s home country, with the organization Soude Haiti. An organization founded by my wife’s
    family, Soude Haiti is dedicated to creating a self-sustaining and stronger economic development for
    a better future for Haiti. Their goal is to work with communities to teach them to become self-

    Rickey Lee
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    UE Accepting Thought Leaders | Developing Advisory Board: Opportunities to Merge International Leaders, Diplomats, Officials in Influential Roles


    We look forward to expanding reach in 2019-2020 to emerging economies and providing development programs to connect future leaders with mentors and we as sourcing talent gaps to shape global needs. Learn more about our strategic plan aligning with UN development plan. As well as board proposals, we are now accepting international calendar invites for upcoming events, conferences and speaking engagement opportunities to unite minds and sync efforts.


    Founder Sahj