I’ve invited you to fill out a form:
This is a petition sign by the people known as human beings do hereby sign and agree to the establishment of the HUMAN RACE PARTY . A political party that is formed not represented by any animal such as donkey, nor elephants, but by human being that are measured by their humanity and integrity. This project is a global project representing human being where ever they reside on earth. The human race party does not identify human beings as categories, titles, labels, genders, colors, or any other classification that leads and sustains division, conflict, unhealthy competition. You are recognized as a human being that is humane. Those that are not humane are not human and should be recognized as such. This humanity extends human to human and humans toward its gift, the world. Its creation is to reflect the needs of the humans that inhabit this planet. To genuinely and finally secure our inalienable rights, to life! Liberty! and Pursuit of happiness, creating peace through education. It is establish to confront and dissolve the war ethic and ideology. To protect and heal the environment. This government as well as governments through out the world have made the world disabled by the lack of education but more importantly miseducation and misinformation thus our constitution say it is right it is our duty and our time to institute new government that will reflect the cultural oasis of the human being in humanity. Are you really ready for the change, the relief from these tyrannical governments and raise humanity through us the human beings. To qualify as a member of the Human Race Party, 1. A Humane Human Being 2. Of Voting age 3. Accepts that the earth, our environment is our gifted home and that we shall work together to heal it as we heal our selves the human being. 4. We agree that we are ENERGY BEING in HUMAN FORM in a VARIETY of BEAUTIFUL CULTURES and will no longer be identified by categories, labels, titles, genders, colors, or any Sign our petition and you information if you’d like to work with our campaign.